We Don’t Know What We’re Doing


We held hands and jumped fences back in school
We told the stories that induced the loudest laughs
And when GSM phones came into the societies where we lived
We conference-called until we ran out of airtime to continue
Then we slept the sleep of babies at 2 and 3am
And woke at 7 to arrive school at 8 and receive our daily cane
Those times are gone now

And while we reminisce, we cannot say out loud that we miss them
We’re in the university we prayed all night to enter
Studying not what we like but what our exam score could afford
The age of technology expanded and we are Facebook-famous
But the truth is

We don’t know what we’re doing with our lives

The first results came in and we pretended not to know
Too ashamed of what we made, because we’d bragged like so
We made…

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