Alienation and Affect in Milan

Dream Team Takes Milan

As a team, we intended to discover the reality of Fashion and Counterfeit Culture in the city of Milan.



Check out the film below to find out what we discovered!


Directed by Emmanuel Johnson and Shamim Miah

Produced by Dream Team

Cinematography by Shamim Miah, Emmanuel Johnson, Jordan Kelman and Mandeep Sagoo

Edited by Emmanuel Johnson

Tamasha & Belgrade Theatre Present: Blood

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.32.21

Blood. A 21st century modern love story. SourceTV are here to presents this exclusive behind the scenes interview of the cast hearing upon their point of view being a part of this exciting play with exclusive snippet of scenes performed.
Play open til 11th of April at Belgrade Theatre Coventry. Checkout their website for more info and order your tickets Now! Why stop there? Why not checkout all the touring dates around the UK too!

Filmed by YiChen Shi & Emmanuel Johnson
Edited by YiChen Shi

Interview with Mjeez

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.25.50Insights Presents…This is a show where Millicent get the chance to interview & meet young new upcoming talents from all over the world and talk about their journey.

Presented By: Millicent Adeyoju
Directed By: YiChen (Ethan) Shi
Executive Producers: YiChen (Ethan) Shi & Millicent Adeyoju
Filmed & Edited By: Yichen (Ethan) Shi & Emmanuel Johnson
Sound By: Kenny Tran & Byrone Nicholson