Emmanuel Effiong Johnson is a Nigerian thinker, filmmaker, poet and researcher. His life in its entirety has seen a concern about questions of identity and belonging in his surroundings. This is reflected in his films, poems, essays and conversations. He is currently a PhD researcher at Coventry University, where he immerses himself in the reality of Nigerian student experience in the UK.


Emmanuel Disu Effiong Johnson

12 November 1994

Abuja, Nigeria


Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


Coventry University [BA, MA, PhD (ongoing)]

EF Cambridge [University Foundation Diploma]

Bright Stars Model Secondary School [GCE Ordinary Level]


Identity, Belonging and Performance: How it Feels to be a Nigerian Student of Faith in UK HE 


Ofonime Johnson, Effiong Johnson, Martin Luther King (jnr), Katherine Wimpenny, Cornel West, Ken Fero, Duncan Clark, Fred Mudhai, Alun DeWinter

Main interests

Identity, Belonging, Cultural Studies, Education, Film, Media and Communications, Nigerian/African Lived Experience, Faith, Learning, Art

Notable Works

Parallel Identity (2015), To Grow a Tree (2019), The In-Between Space (2022)

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