Letter to Self VI

Dear Emmanuel

It is nice to write my sixth letter to you on your birthday. It is such an interesting experience to read your thoughts and observe patterns and changes as time goes by.

I wish to congratulate you on reaching your third year of PhD study. 2020 has not been the most straightforward of years, but you have tried consistently to move forward in life.

As I read your last letter, I noticed how focused you were on keeping its content ‘professional’, by focusing primarily on your PhD and film. Though they are great feats, I would like to highlight this time around that, your thoughts have been dominated recently with the fight back in Nigeria against evil and injustice. You have been concerned about how you can make a contribution to this fight.

While you may not have all answers right now, and may feel sometimes that you are making no real contribution, you are learning to remain present in the moment, and not let it catch you idle.

Because of events you have witnessed this year, it has grown more apparent to you, that the future is always uncertain. Nevertheless, you have learned as well that uncertainty is no reason for fear. I have no idea what I would write you next year, but it is okay too that I do not know. 

God be with you always and happy 26th.

With love,


Letter to Self V

Dear Emmanuel

It truly is a pleasure to write to you again. 

The last time we conversed, you were just about starting your PhD. What an incredible feat that is! It shall make the key theme and talking point of this letter.

Your first year went really well, you challenged yourself by staying dedicated to the writing of your literature review. You now have over 11 thousand words, look at you! That’s not bad at all if you ask me. You also managed to present your research to the public, on two occasions. I say well done to you. Keep going and don’t give up!

During this period, you have discovered the need for balance, and its consequent significances across all aspects of your life. It’s good to let you know that you have made improvements on this front, and you now pay closer attention to personal, emotional and social commitments around you.

I wish to congratulate you on the release your film: ‘To Grow a Tree‘. It has been interesting to learn of the importance of lived experience in everyday life, for international students, as well as other people in society. You are currently working on a new film which you hope to release in 2021. I would like to wish you the best on all stages of its production.

Well, this is it once more. Let me know how you get on, I look forward to receiving a letter from you soon.



Letter to Self IV

DSC02119Dear Emmanuel

It truly is a pleasure to write to you again, as I have been looking forward to it so eagerly!

So much has happened since we last conversed. 2017 was an amazing year which saw you experience so much growth, across several aspects of your life. It was your postgraduate study year! and it brought along so many lessons which shall undoubtedly come in handy in due time and season.

Upon completion of your Masters, you searched desperately to identify the right path for your future. This, surely, was a PhD – as you came to discover after several attempts knocking on wrong doors. It seemed solely challenging at first, as you wrote your research proposal. Nonetheless, that challenge made room for curiosity, which produced motivation; then drive, and finally, passion!

You applied for a studentship. I am happy to let you know you got it, and shall be starting a brand new journey as a PhD student at Coventry University in September!

Spending four months at home in Nigeria allowed for you to connect to the best of what’s gone into you. This gave you eyes to see, and a heart that discerns. 

It is clear to see, the pain from the depression you wrote of – in your last letter, made way for joy! This joy which you, I, now live and revel within everyday. I am what I am by the grace of God.

I am super excited about this new phase and look forward to embracing all it brings. Until next year!



Tolu's letter

Letter to Self III


Dear Emmanuel,

I hope you are doing well.

I promised to write to you again after completing my undergraduate studies. I am glad to let you know that, despite all the difficulties you faced with your Final Project, you still managed to achieve a 2-1 overall, which was quite good. You also graduated with all of your friends, who were with you during all of the stressful periods of university. That was amazing!

2016 was a life-changing year for you. You finally experienced international research in Milan. This changed your outlook on life and furthermore deepened your desire for further international exposure.

You had some very low moments in the year due to frustrations faced with job seeking, and the depression that followed afterwards.

I’m glad to let you know it was a blessing in disguise, because you learnt to get out of your comfort zone and start to demand more out of life.


Also, and very importantly, it encouraged you to pursue your Master’s degree in Communication, Culture and Media, with the help of a scholarship from Coventry University. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to construct your reality and mould whatever you desire into existence.

The only thing that matters at this moment is the present. It’s a new chapter with fresh experiences. I look forward to writing to you again next year!

Kind regards,



Letter to Self II


Hi Emmanuel

I hope everything is going well. I read your letter to my present self; thanks for the motivation and kind words. You also stated last year, that you were unsure about the area of media you would eventually venture into; and told me to make that decision at the end of my second year. Well, I am glad to let you know that I chose media production, as it provides a brilliant opportunity of self-expression, and I really enjoy doing it too. I am now about entering my final year of university, where I hope to work extremely hard whilst maximising my entire UK experience. I will write to you again when this is done and dusted.



A Letter To Self


Dear Emmanuel,

How are you doing? I hope you are fine. You have been pretty stressed lately. I aim to encourage you to persevere and never give up on your dreams and aspirations, because I believe they are attainable. I want to advise you to take up opportunities that come your way, as they are great chances for you to showcase yourself to the world! Also, always be proud of your identity and never give up on it. You are still undecided about the area of media meant for you. I want to advise you to make that big decision towards the end of your second year as you would be more experienced and knowledgeable by then. Until then, I would like to wish you the best of luck.

Yours faithfully,