Letter to Self III


Dear Emmanuel,

I hope you are doing well.

I promised to write to you again after completing my undergraduate studies. I am glad to let you know that, despite all the difficulties you faced with your Final Project, you still managed to achieve a 2-1 overall, which was quite good. You also graduated with all of your friends, who were with you during all of the stressful periods of university. That was amazing!

2016 was a life-changing year for you. You finally experienced international research in Milan. This changed your outlook on life and furthermore deepened your desire for further international exposure.

You had some very low moments in the year due to frustrations faced with job seeking, and the depression that followed afterwards.

I’m glad to let you know it was a blessing in disguise, because you learnt to get out of your comfort zone and start to demand more out of life.


Also, and very importantly, it encouraged you to pursue your Master’s degree in Communication, Culture and Media, with the help of a scholarship from Coventry University. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to construct your reality and mould whatever you desire into existence.

The only thing that matters at this moment is the present. It’s a new chapter with fresh experiences. I look forward to writing to you again next year!

Kind regards,



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