Happiness Research Journal II: The Final Project

I applied for this course in hopes of discovering myself in a more informed and refined manner. I believe the ethos of the course and the content within it, help me rethink my actions, lifestyle, ideology and practises. It makes me question my position in this world and understand it on a different level.

Before starting this course, my interests lied primarily within the field of Media Production. I have been able to expand upon this interest and think about the current digital world that I live in. Although already being exposed to discourse within the digital age from undergraduate studies, I have learnt to think a lot more critically about the happenings within society, that reflect what the future might hold for us all.

Sharing a classroom with people who represent an international background has given me the opportunity to not only learn about transnational subjectivities, but experience them for myself whilst working in groups with other people. As a result, I have been introduced to the idea that, although all spaces in this world differ from each other, we are actually more alike than I previously thought.

This has altered my perception and denotation of ideologies. As I now look to work on the topic of happiness, I have at the back of my mind that, the experiences of somebody else in a far away country is actually similar to mine in England.

I am at a very early stage of my research. I aim to critique the construction of happiness and question its position within postmodern society. Concepts such as ‘the spiritual death’ learnt from Exploring Digital Cultures shall come in useful in my research. It shares a heavy correlation with ‘happiness’ and what it truly represents.

This is a project that I really care about and find interesting. I also believe it could be useful in future for both Academics and Non-Academics. My research findings are still very unclear to me. This adds to the thrills and excitement of the project.



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