Parker’s Piece, Cambridge.


Stock Photography often explores several creative measures within photography. This photograph can be used for multiple commercial purposes, such as: the cover of a film or magazine or a simple brochure for a tourism agency. Due to the unique use of light in this picture, life has been captured and portrayed using a lively background.

This is an example of a commercial brochure that can be used for advertisements of this location.





In this photo of King’s college, Cambridge, I have created a bright contrast between the building and the blue colour of the sky. In order to fully express my intentions of maximising my ideas, I decided to edit this on Photoshop to add more saturation to the image.


Using a shallow depth of field, I have been able to direct the viewers attention to particular angles of the picture, instead of all.

This photo uses a shallow depth of field  by highlighting and making the tree appear in more focus than the background.


Using both high and low ISO’s, I have been able to play around with the sensitivity of these pictures. Through the use if large and small apertures, I created a variety of contrasts within the image.

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