Portrait Photography: Documentary/ Photo-Journalism.


Through the use of photoshop, I have been able to capture the emotion behind this picture. The self expression of the subject of focus demonstrates his passion for what he does. The colourful nature of this picture represents life in street performance.

1921137_240967389421711_1170435515293271247_o 10003611_240967422755041_4031934947059178593_o 1491324_240967429421707_4322300367761101943_o 1899266_240967452755038_110674561926288973_o 1980293_240967496088367_119875287818534603_o 1399702_240967499421700_7904262701954585665_o 10014959_240967516088365_8457024511377624490_o 921685_240967536088363_7676224740099172777_o 860927_240967566088360_3717947019741468716_o 1402902_240967612755022_732922546841872795_o 1781489_240967602755023_2576317051896388213_o

I was inspired to undertake an adventurous process of creating a documentary focusing on what a day in Cambridge looks like. Using different perspectives, I aimed at creating significant representations of people and how they make a living. Focusing on the themes: ‘Dignity in labour’, relaxation and leisure, I was able to show the extent people to which people work to live decent lives. In order to express the emotions of the environment, I made use of Matrix and Spot metering; creating a balance between light and dark areas as well as a good exposure of selected focus points. In order to extract more detail in the photographs, I made use of slow shutter speeds, showing how expressive and powerful ambient light can be utilized; this created unity and harmony in the composition of the pictures.

img_1395 img_1396 img_1397 img_1399 img_1407 img_1403 img_1402 img_1437img_1454 img_1476 img_1479 img_1480 img_1481 img_1556 img_1799

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