Documentary | Pre-Production [Day 1]

Dream Team Takes Milan

We arrived in Milan at 10 and after checking in to our hotel myself (Emmanuel), Shay, Shamz and Alex headed out to discover Milan.

Before travelling to Milan, we planned to film and research The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Duomo Di Milano locations, with the intention of focusing on fashion and class.

After visiting these two places, we realised that our preconceived notions about Duomo Di Milano differed, as it was in truth much bigger than what we saw online. The building as a major attraction of Milan was key in finding our participants, as that area brought a variety of people together.

After looking at areas in Duomo, we realised that it would not be safe to film alone, but to go in groups. This was due to huge numbers of people the location brought together, and it would not be safe to trust everyone.

Our visit to The Galleria…

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