Documentary | Production [Day 2]

Dream Team Takes Milan

Our production began early in the morning around 10:30am.  Alex asked his friend Doris to meet the production team in the Duomo area, and she agreed to be our translator and participant for the limited number of hours she had available. Shay, Alex, Shamim, Camille and myself (Emmanuel) headed down to Duomo.

The weather was bright sunny, which worked well in our favour, as it would result in the use of a low ISO camera setting, resulting in clearer images from our recording.

The production kicked off with the set up of my tripod, with the assistance of Shamim, who acted as a Production Assistant, as well as Co-photographer, alongside Alex for the day. I proceeded to set up the Radio Mics and make sure that they were positioned correctly onto the the jacket of our participant, Doris.


We decided to film in less busy areas of Duomo, in order…

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