Milanese Diaries | Day 1

Dream Team Takes Milan

Our adventure started very early in the morning, we got a cab at 4.15am to the airport, we arrived, checked in our bags and went straight through to departures to grab a bite to eat.

7.00am rolled around so quickly, and we were heading to the gate before we knew it,  we were thankful to be leaving the miserable rain of England behind us.

The plane was very small which was a new experience for some of us, and with a flight time of 1.45hr we barely had time to sleep on the plane. Those who were awake managed to get some great photos of the Alps.


When we arrived at Milan airport we collected our luggage and faced our first challenge of locating the metro. Soon after we exited the terminal we saw electronic billboards displaying adverts against counterfit products , explaining that you could go to prison, if…

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