Milanese Diaries | Day 2

Dream Team Takes Milan

DSC_2405Day 2 here in Milan started with breakfast and a meeting with the whole team, we used this time to plan today’s agenda.

Alex had organised a friend of his Doris, to come to Milan and act as a translator so that the group could attain some interviews, from passers by in the street. Shay, Emmanuel, Alex , Shamz and Camille met Doris and started approaching people for interviews and attained 6! Including a focus group with fashion students from the local university. The questions involved discussing social media and fashion.

Kate, Jordan, Candy, Coco and Mandeep headed out towards a local market that was five minutes away from the hotel. This was worlds away from Milans main city streets. The streets were filled with stalls selling everything from detergent and clothes to meat and cheese. We noticed that the coats that were for sale were a similar style to…

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