Letter to Self IV

DSC02119Dear Emmanuel

It truly is a pleasure to write to you again, as I have been looking forward to it so eagerly!

So much has happened since we last conversed. 2017 was an amazing year which saw you experience so much growth, across several aspects of your life. It was your postgraduate study year! and it brought along so many lessons which shall undoubtedly come in handy in due time and season.

Upon completion of your Masters, you searched desperately to identify the right path for your future. This, surely, was a PhD – as you came to discover after several attempts knocking on wrong doors. It seemed solely challenging at first, as you wrote your research proposal. Nonetheless, that challenge made room for curiosity, which produced motivation; then drive, and finally, passion!

You applied for a studentship. I am happy to let you know you got it, and shall be starting a brand new journey as a PhD student at Coventry University in September!

Spending four months at home in Nigeria allowed for you to connect to the best of what’s gone into you. This gave you eyes to see, and a heart that discerns. 

It is clear to see, the pain from the depression you wrote of – in your last letter, made way for joy! This joy which you, I, now live and revel within everyday. I am what I am by the grace of God.

I am super excited about this new phase and look forward to embracing all it brings. Until next year!



Tolu's letter

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