Moment of truth

The beginning comes.
It goes on and on. 
Excitement comes, goes. 
Here, not here.
Fleet the thrills; empty days. 
Empty days, catching up. 
Catching up to me
but not caught me.
One thing, maintaining:
the light that came, and stayed.
The light; the truth, the life:
the light who comes, on and on.
On and on, the beginning comes,
but the beginning will never be the end.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Haven of newness

In the haven of newness
I see, my source of hope.
This newness; it’s His; now mine.
My newness.
I am safe in this newness.
His newness; my newness.
Nothing matters in this newness. 
Everything is alright in this newness. 
I am sheltered; I am reborn.
I am overwhelmed.
I feel, but differently.
I live, I die, in this newness.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Refiner’s fire

Here I am
on my walk through the everyday. 
Searching for you, but find you instead. 
Hovering over, pricking deeper.
I light my feet,
I am embraced by truth.
Now I see,
the blueprint for the days.
The days, your days; now my days. 
That thorn, in my flesh
now oil, for my head.
Now I see,
on my walk through the everyday,
I am not alone, I never was.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Fragments of time

That time, we sailed 
across the breeze. 
That time, those times; 
I truly, was alive.
I remember, all the time; 
the days went well. 
Despite, most times,
the nature of those times.

Those times, I rewind; 
I truly, was alive.
In time, that time
in You, I found:
a piece, to fill the wells, 
which burn in me.
A piece; that peace
to keep me through all times.

All times, all times,
I remember, all the time: 
that time; that time 
indeed, was the right time. 
And now, this time,
I sit and revel under:
this time, all times
I truly, am alive.

By Emmanuel Johnson


Some day,
I shall learn of words that describe you: 
a painting of things within.
Things within.
Things within me;
which cannot be expressed.
Until that day;
one day; some day:
I feel your warm embrace,
as you, sit beside me;
loudly, whispering; silent,
words, which cannot be expressed.
By Emmanuel Johnson


Venturing, through the corridors 
of thrill and bliss; in this:
a joy to light my face, and yours, 
for tomorrow, we dismiss.
Too far to go through the village;
but close; to the swan on lane.
Past flashing dreams across the stage, 
and hope to the last of pain.
Indeed, those days were true,
a joy to light my face, and yours,
I still, think about you;
venturing, through the corridors.
By Emmanuel Johnson

Infusion of Light


  • Other Side of the Jordan
  • Cries of the Redeemed Sinner
  • Soul-tied
  • Why I call you Brother
  • Delivered


Other Side of the Jordan

Bright supernatural glory
brighter than the sun.
I dream of,
life above me.
I dream of,
the one.
The lakes and trees:
the great wonder
falls short, of
what He sees:
Miraculous yonder.
Transcending, earthly pleasures.
Matchless, to vain desires
exceeding, natural measures:
Haven of joyous martyrs.

Life, like no other,
I reconsider.
Human order?
I reason deeper.
my imagination, I find:
your nature, truly refined.
My understanding
feeble to comprehend,
the towering
the beauty of the end.
The flesh, repels
strongly, against its gates.
within the wells,
salvation awaits.
Language fails.
What joyous miracle!
The falling of the scales,
the fire shall rekindle.

Water of meaning
baptised, I am, in fire.
In the warmth of your healing
my gracious messiah.
Afar, lies of existence,
embraced, I am, in truth.
Searching, for deeper essence
I find, no greater sooth.
The void, in my soul
I feel no longer.
I watch, unfold:
a garment; holy thunder.
To die; to live,
I must, to see.
The day, the eve
of you, and me.


Cries of the Redeemed Sinner

I have been freed
of evil grasps,
which intended to abuse,
and render me bound.
I wonder, in loud silence:
the outcome,
of the rest of days.
I contemplate
night and day,
how my sorrows:
in the dark,
shall be made, to joys:
in the light.

Proclivities, tingle
in agonising excitement.
I resist;
of resentful will.
I contemplate.
I contemplate.
I contemplate:
only for the dark.
I await:
the joys of the light.

Unaware, I was
of you,
by my side.
Friendly, constant companion.
How long,
have you been there?
All along,
Through the night and day,
He responds.
I am here,
to comfort you,
He exclaims.
And lead you,
on a glorious path:
to the joys of the light, to the joys of the light.


A part of me, to share,
unleash the smile within.
Delivered from despair;
my life is worth living.
Never separated;
though we are apart,
a slice, dedicated
lies in your heart.
The truth, we hate,
feelings, we crave.
Longings, innate,
of mine, I gave.

Far or near,
our love runs deep.
I come to bear
with tears I weep.
The nights, we flew
our minds, in space.
A spark, who knew?
would light my face.
In you, I learnt,
to love my brother.
The times, we spent
will last forever.

The dreams we hold
so dear, today;
rise from, untold
pain, all the way.
To see again;
we swore, to fate.
We play, a game
of love, so great.
In time, we will
be whole again.
To sooth, and seal
the verge of bane.

Why I call you Brother

Desperation, swinging
The edge, I stand.
I’m not alone, you remind,
stretching out your hand.
Great journeys lie ahead,
our paths, deeply intertwined
again, I see, my friend
a love so deep, so kind.
No superficial spectacle,
no pleasure can deny,
the beasts we wrestle with:
dance together, tonight.
My brother,
my brother.
My brother!
Do you see what I see?
On this journey, we face
the same enemy!
Poisonous, but sweet.
Do not be seduced,
for if you are,
your feet
shall surely be bruised.

Tread the earth, you while
but Sisyphean, your search.
For if enticed, you mile,
glory, shall not emerge.
To break away:
you need,
to soar the hill ahead.
No longer
shall you heed
to voices in your head.
In time,
you shall arise
and dine, with worms in dirt.
To set alight,
the eyes:
to lift your smile and hurt.
shall you know and see
the joy of truth, within:
it sets,
the bound free.
To rest,
it leads you in.

I look,
in holy wonder:
new meaning
with my brother.
The journey, we sojourn
with him, I renew.
Contempt, we burn
to bloom, with You.
Alas, I slay
judgement, for I see,
the price, you pay
I shall, to guarantee;
a life, of peace
of love, I must lead,
to have, and squeeze
the vine, of the creed.

What shall we do?
Our road shall one day end
until then, you
shall be
a mirror and a friend.
In you, forever, shall reside
a light of truth, to fulfil.



Showers of amity
to sheen the spirit.
The pressing on,
for things unseen.
Waves of faith,
for greater days,
on it, to surf
amidst the chains.
Closet, of the hurt,
the secret place of strength,
to drink, of the cup
the fullness of the throne.

Prisoner of hope
surely, it shall come.
Anchor of the light
brink of morning shine.
Many nights, in blissful silence
many days of peace.
In the bright, there lies a crown
to bind the truth within.
Farther than you dig,
in it, you shall find
a mild consuming fire
guarding through the times.

Legacy of Effiong,
the tree, shall one day yield.
The stairway of grace,
true power of the weak.
A wind, making whole,
priding in tenderness.
Capstone, looked down upon,
in him, shall ye be seen.
Grasses, held as gold
shall die, and be gone.
New wine, quickening,
the pain allows for joy.