Everything is meaningless

Till and toil the soil,
for you never know what you might find.
Till and toil the soil,
toil and sorrow till sun up.
Sorrow for tomorrow, for now, then later.
Then later, much later, comes the smiles that waver,
pain for so little gain; was it worth it? I ask.
Down the road, not far, I know a thing that sparks.
Not too far I promise, a gem that sparks.
Though life doesn’t seem a walk in the park,
The feel I feel, is what I must lay.
Because life comes with it swirls and whirls,
and in the midst of the wind and grind; some fun I must find.

By Maybelle, Emmanuel Johnson, Adetiloye

Revelation in thine

Running down the isle of hope,
I fall beneath the murky waters of doubt.
Trying to hold onto the steady branches of faith,
I slip into the warmth of you.
Holding onto the tendrils of grace,
bewildered by the sprite of your face.
Your life, your all, I feel your everything;
your wings beneath my feet lifting me high,
above the skies, above the tides.
And on the day, in time and space
when salvation shall come,
I shall behold your love.

By Emmanuel Johnson, Adetiloye, Maybelle.

On time

Here now,
gone then, but now.
My vigour covers my eyes like a veil
and suffocates me like thick smoke.
Yet, I walk firmly; my eyes covered still, 
with a wide smile on my face;
till I stumble and fall.
I was blinded all along.
How did I not realise this?
I contemplate.
I repent.
There is no repentance without forsaking, 
so I shed off old skin.
Only now do I see
I am truly alive;
what a glorious occasion!

By Emmanuel Johnson

Madness or the surreal grandeur of love

I finally made it out the madness outside; 
with a hot cup of tea in my hand,
I take a seat, I get comfortable.
I look away from my book,
what do I see?
A man and woman in love.
He contemplates, then says to her: 
when you think of me,
I wish that
you shall see me
for all I tried and failed to be.
She says to him:
on these streets cemented
with memories of us
shall I walk with you day by day.
I take a sip and say to myself:
I finally made it to the madness inside.

By Emmanuel Johnson

When the lights fade

You are the best thing to ever happen to me. 
The springs of my life shoot
with everlasting meaning
and encouragement for whatever
tomorrow shall bring. 
Today, tomorrow, 
now, forever, 
happiness, sadness, 
wisdom, folly
are all meaningless without you.
My life was incomplete without you, 
before you came by.
You complete my life, thank you for that. 
I rejoice,
I bless the day,
I felt your touch.
The day I was reunited with your love. 
The day I was reunited with your love.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Closing nights

As long as you are with me, 
I am happy
I am safe
I am complete.
Take me with you.
Wherever you go I go.
Wherever you dwell I dwell.
Whatever you hate I hate.
Whatever you are,
I shall be.
As the performers get ready to perform, 
and the watchers get ready to watch;
in this grand hall filled with many colours, 
right here shall I sit,
writing on the ground,
uttering words unlawful to be heard.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Dying Daily

Those who came before us 
lived and made choices which 
eventually led us where we are. 
Some of them were good,
but others bad.
Without them, we wouldn't be 
who or where we are,
and that is a bitter truth
of life.
Therefore, banish
anxiety from your heart
and humbly accept this truth, 
and strive, with all your might, 
to live out
the best of everything
that has gone into you,
for the sake of
those who shall come after us.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Lost but found

Where lies your glory? 
What makes you shine? 
You and me
exploring youth and vigor, 
while we still got it.
We gotta make the most of it.
I say to you and you say to me. 
You and me.
The most exquisite of delights, 
eyes narrow open, wide shut. 
Wandering wanders, only, 
until we find the light
to lead us somewhere safe, 
you and me,
in this together.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Dreamy Cinema

There is a buddy in cinema
that gives a pass to other worlds 
which do not really exist.

They exist to bring to life things which do not exist. 
The feelings are the same but not the same;
Same but extended, intensified.
Everyday is laid bare on screen;
most times taunted, other times flaunted. 
The flaunting of the everyday,
coming to bear with life as we know it,
or maybe not.

I know a buddy
who situates the self,
and draws it nearer to the world. 
The world that it lives in.

By Emmanuel Johnson

Reach you to reach me

Where are you?
I wish to get to you.
My friend from the days.
The days our paths were straight. 
Friend but not friends,
you but not you;
me but not me.
Sometimes I wonder,
I ought to care more?
Other times I ponder,
I have my life to live,
and so do you.
But the truth remains the truth, 
and a lie remains a lie,
and no matter what we do,
the day will speak for you and I.

By Emmanuel Johnson