Documentary | Production [Day 3] (Group 1)

Dream Team Takes Milan

The day started off with a meeting back at our residence, where we decided as a team that it would be more effective to split into two groups and cover the production of two separate things.

Alex, Shay and myself (Emmanuel) decided to meet up with one of our participants from the previous day for a recorded conversation on fashion, capitalism and emotional wants.

Shay took on the role of interviewer, I directed, and Alex covered the session via photography.

The location of shoot was of particular interest to us, as designs seemed very simple and experimental, promoting an environment for the expression of self, properly. Our participant arrived with two other friends of his, then we proceeded to obtain a written consent from the shop owners, agreeing to allow us film, and the participants acknowledging likewise.

I set up my tripod, camera and radio microphones and we started filming each of…

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